Movement: The Key to Getting Unstuck

When you’re stuck — move. And I don’t mean you literally have to disassemble your kitchen chairs, book a Budget truck, hire some buff ppl to hike a stairwell with your headboard, and take on a new zip code (unless you want that!) What I mean is, when you’re sad or stressed or overwhelmed or underwhelmed or unimpressed or over it or feeling crazy — move your body! Take a walk. Go run. Go into a different room. Go outside. Even if it’s for five minutes. Or three minutes. Or thirty seconds. Find a change of scenery (whatever that means to you.) Moving your body moves your mind. I almost always find that when my heart is pumping and my blood is racing, my mind comes up with new ideas it would’ve

Hello 2020: The Year of Flawless Vision

Happy New Year to you! Welcome to the roaring twenties! I’m going to keep this post nice & concise to kick off this brand new decade. I spent my final days of 2019 packing for Chicago. I move in ten days. And it got me to thinking about all of the major moves I've made over the last ten years — from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to interning at Basketball Australia and living in Sydney .. from Australia back to UWW for my final semester .. from UWW to my parents' house in Cedarburg .. from Cedarburg to Nashville .. and from Nashville back to Cedarburg. (Whew!) Every time I move, I have a tendency to bring everything with me. (Full disclosure: I'm a borderline hoarder. I will pull ou

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