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With the holiday season upon us, I’ve been (and I’m sure you have too) bombarded with an abnormal amount of emails telling me to buy this or look at that or click here before I miss out on an awesome deal. I’ve ultimately lost track of how many times I’ve clicked UNSUBSCRIBE over the last month. This got me to thinking about the word UNSUBSCRIBE and what it actually means. To unsubscribe from something means to cease communication you find to be bothersome or annoying — a voice you are opting out of listening to .. a voice you don’t find value in.

This word is typically used in terms of being a consumer not buying what a company is selling. But have you ever thought about what unsubscribing means in terms of the people around you? Is there anybody’s voice you hear day in and day out that you wish you could just mute? Maybe it’s a parent .. or a sibling .. or a Debbie downer whose constant pessimistic babble leaves you with a splitting headache. Maybe it’s Aunt Gwen or Uncle Fred who’ll be at Christmas dinner asking you why you aren’t married yet. Or the in-laws asking when there will be little ones running around. Maybe it’s a professor who’s failed you on a semester paper (one you were sooo confident about) right before Christmas, pulling your final grade down. Or your co-worker bragging about getting a promotion (the one you wanted). Or your boss who loves to tell you what you're doing wrong but never offers any verbal recognition for your achievements. Or maybe it's .. you .. negatively berating yourself for not being more than you are. (I’ll raise my hand up on this one as something I am a frequent ​​offender of).

So many opinions .. so many perspectives .. so many ideas about what you should or shouldn't be and how you should or shouldn't be living your life. When it comes to individual voices, there isn't an almost-invisible link you can click on to opt out (seriously though .. have you ever noticed how tiny and basically impossible to see the unsubscribe button is on a company's promotional email?!) — but guess what, you guys? You CAN. You absolutely, positively, one hundred percent can UNSUBSCRIBE from this chatter. Voices are everywhere (freedom of speech!) But you also have the freedom to choose which voices you will listen to. So choose wisely .. & say goodbye to the voices that serve as a weight to your helium .. & hello to the ones that keep you flying!

Also!!! I am excited to announce that I have a brand new song out called "We Could Be Christmas Lights." It's about being a light in this tough world .. & I hope you subscribe to listening! ;) Click the image below to hear!

Merry almost Christmas! <3

Click the image to hear "We Could Be Christmas Lights" :)

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