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Hello 2020: The Year of Flawless Vision

Happy New Year to you! Welcome to the roaring twenties!

I’m going to keep this post nice & concise to kick off this brand new decade.

I spent my final days of 2019 packing for Chicago. I move in ten days. And it got me to thinking about all of the major moves I've made over the last ten years — from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to interning at Basketball Australia and living in Sydney .. from Australia back to UWW for my final semester .. from UWW to my parents' house in Cedarburg .. from Cedarburg to Nashville .. and from Nashville back to Cedarburg. (Whew!)

Every time I move, I have a tendency to bring everything with me. (Full disclosure: I'm a borderline hoarder. I will pull out a scarf I haven't worn in ten years but my mind will flash back to when Mom gave it to me for Christmas. Then I instantly convince myself to keep it because I can't fathom giving away what was once a gift that Mom took the time to pick out for me!) A lot of my life is still packed up from when I left Nashville four months ago, so I was going to take the easy route and throw it all into the moving truck as is. But instead, I decided to unpack and take inventory. Clothes I haven't worn in years were taking up tons of space in my closet and dresser drawers, and my nightstand was filled with letters from exes.

What I am learning is that when you hold onto what no longer defines you (whether it be things or places or people), it hinders you from growth.

I’ve made multiple trips to Goodwill, and I feel so light letting go of what I no longer love. One person's dusty past could be somebody else's shiny future treasure, right? I think a lot of us cling onto what we aren't in love with out of guilt. We keep clothes we don't wear (like me and my scarf example! I did end up donating it, btw.), we stay in cities we don't feel home in, and we convince ourselves the wrong relationships are the right ones.

Through unpacking what no longer serves me, I have four empty drawers ready to be filled with new outfits & new memories (& perhaps some new love letters! ;-p)

I hope you drop off whatever it is you don't want to carry anymore, and I hope 2020 gives you the perfect eyesight you need to move forward with confidence. What are your dreams and visions for this new year + new decade?! I'd love to hear — email me to share! <3

Stay Fabulous!



PS - click the photo below to listen to "Fabulous"!

My top three celebratory, champagne-clinking moments of 2019:

1. Finishing my novel, Sky High, after losing the first version when my MacBook was stolen.

2. Traveling to Germany solo + hiking to the Neuschwanstein Castle. 3. Jingle Bells song placement on Hallmark movie — A Homecoming for the Holidays. *4. Bonus .. interview + job offer in Chicago.

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