The Path to a Palace…Finding Joy in the Journey (Part 2)

Once upon a time, I went to Bavaria. Here's my story...(Continued from part 1) Chapter Five – A Quest Fit for a Queen The next day at 6AM, I wake up with this crazy amount of energy. Which is unheard of for me! I typically am not fully functioning until well after 10AM and a cup (or two) of caffeine. (Side note: every time I go abroad this happens…I’m realizing it’s because of the time change. In America, I am a night owl and am often wide awake with creativity from 10PM-2AM. 6AM in Füssen=11PM back home...I guess I need to move abroad if I ever want to be a natural morning person.) The hotel front desk guy for the win a third time! He gives me a free shuttle voucher to Schwangau — the villa

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