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Bye Bye Broken Heart: This is the Last Time [New Song Preview]

If love is a battlefield, I am the one standing out in the open with a target on my chest.

Wearing a heart on my sleeve hasn’t gone out of fashion for me - and I still haven’t donated my one glass slipper to Goodwill yet, keeping the faith that someday someone will show up with its long lost match.

I am a white-horse believer and a magic-carpet-ride daydreamer. I even wore hair extensions for a time period, secretly praying for a Rapunzel-like balcony scenario.

I’ve since chopped my hair - but I still think with the mind of a true-love lover.

I am not dramatic in terms of issues following me wherever I go. But I am dramatic in terms of always viewing life as a stage in a theater and always viewing myself as the leading lady – lost in confusion of where her leading man is.

Does she need one? No. Want one? Hell yes.

But I want a fairyTALE. Not a fairy-I-swiped-right-while-gazing-into-his-eyes-from-an-iPhone-screen. A tale. A story. More like – "I walked right when I was supposed to go left .. He walked left from wherever he was when he was supposed to go right .. And boom! - We both walked directly into each other. Suddenly the tears, the loneliness, the longing, the wait – none of it mattered anymore because we’d both finally struck the gold we knew existed."

Until then - enjoy this preview of my latest single This Is The Last Time .. Available everywhere on 6.27.18!


Cinderell - uh .. I mean, Melissa ..


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